I first encountered Heathkit when working at GCHQ in Cheltenham. For some reason which escapes me now, I decided to construct a metal detector and found it worked but was not very sensitive. In 1970 the Internet wasn't around but I managed to find out that Heathkit sold a metal detector so looked up their nearest address in the local phone book, found that they had an office in nearby Gloucester so drove over there to see if I could buy a metal detector from them. I didn't buy one but picked up a leaflet describing it and this included a thumbnail drawing of the circuit diagram. Maybe the detector was too expensive or were not available off the shelf but I returned home without a metal detector but determined to build one using their circuit diagram as a guide.

After a week or so my pseudo-Heathkit detector was built and a friend and I were searching for treasure.... but that's another story.

Below I've listed most of the Heathkit products I've collected over the years. Some awaiting better pictures.


Heathkit HW5400 #1



Heathkit HW5400 #2 


Heathkit PSU HW-5400-1


Heathkit SWR Bridge-HF


Heathkit SS9000



Heathkit PSU PS9000

 Heathkit 2m Transceiver

 Heathkit SWR Bridge-2m


Heathkit Condenser Checker


Heathkit GD-1u Grid Dip Meter

Heathkit HF Linear

 Heathkit Code Oscillator


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