Brightfire Containers

 When the convoy left Southleigh and Ilford the containers were immaculate.

Below are photos of three container interiors on return to Ilford. These are by no means the worst because I parted with the pictures of the three most untidy ones to MoD in London, who just shrugged and said it was, "fair wear and tear".

The aerial sections were normally stowed in long boxes under the cabin. The cable drums are for winding the heavy coaxial cables and mains cables.

The rat's nest on the left is the aerial wire and I'm not sure what happened to the sledgehammer handle?

Jammed in there looks like part of the transceiver casing?

 This container seems to be missing its modem? It probably fell off and is somewhere underneath the heap.

Aerial coax is missing from the drums. Battered cardboard boxes abound and the aerial mast didn't get returned under the cabin.

Some aerial wires and guys are wound up but some are just stuffed inside and I don't recognise the wooden drum??

Three out of ten for this one. It seems things just got chucked inside

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