Radio Cigarette Cards

 Amongst my small collection of cigarette cards is a partial set of cards issued by R & J Hill Limited under the brand name "Sunripe", clearly a name designed to attract unsuspecting future addicts to the practice of smoking. All the people I knew in the 1960s and 1970s that smoked are now dead and amongst my radio collection are various radio sets that are heavily stained (or were when I got them) with nicotine. You'd think the very fact that this chemical is used to fumigate greenhouses would provide a clue to its danger?

Anyway, one of the attractions for addicts to choose specific brands was cards, and below are some on the subject of Wireless Telegraphy.

I have a single copy of a card from the Broadcasting Series issued by Sunripe Cigarettes in 1923



 I also have fifteen from the Marconiphone Series, also issued in 1923. I wonder if Hills had to pay Mr.Marconi for the privilege of publishing these? Note the two different styles of valves pictured in the Marconi V2 receivers below.































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