Early Batteries

 I have quite a few batteries in my collection, or to be precise many "cells" as the word "battery" implies several cells in series (or parallel I suppose, being extra pedantic).

The most recent acquisition is a pair of dry cells which I understand were removed from an old radio and put on display in the window of a radio shop in Harlow, Essex until the place closed recently after 35 years.

Surprisingly, both cells have around 1.3 volts across their terminals.

I'll dig out other dry cells in my collection and photograph these as well.

I'd be interested in hearing from anyone that knows the period in which these Siemens cells were manufactured...

I found these images on the NET, but no picture of the Siemens factory at Spennymoor so it clearly wasn't photogenic...





 Equivalent battery supplied to MoD for use in field telephones


 Below is an HT battery, a very rare thing as most were chucked away when they became flat. This was found in an early radio still plugged in... click here to see and read more

click the battery to see a high definition scan

Other examples of Siemens batteries found on the Net...


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