Airborne Speed Measuring Radar

Transmitter/Receiver and Antenna Type No. 9307MR1

Made by Decca Navigator

Not quite a radio but a wonderful example of plumbing for J-Band which is 10-20GHz

The first view shows the electronics cover held in place with a couple of dozen quick release screws


 The second view shows an orange aluminium cover protecting the aerial assemblies


 Removing the protective cover exposes the send and receive aerials which are constructed from aluminium waveguides


 This picture shows a close-up of sections of the waveguides



A view under the black cover showing a set of five printed circuit board assemblies each carrying a pair of circuit boards generally using "54" series TTL logic chips. "54" is the code for the expensive military version of commercial "74" series integrated circuits.


 On the following pages I'll take you on a tour of the equipment.

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