A scrap WS No.19 Set bought for parts

I needed several bits and pieces to finish my refurbished 19 set, in particular the dial assemblies, all of which on my complete set were really rusty.

vendor's pictures

 The set arrived after a few days and it seems to have lots of useful parts

Identification: The makers' label shows it was made in England by E.K. Cole, and from the date on the meter, may have been reconditioned in 1956.

 Below you can gauge the amount of front panel damage. Did this happen before the set was modified to work as a shortwave receiver or later, perhaps when it was dumped? All I can say is the set came from Edinburgh and had been fitted with a mains transformer, silicon rectifiers, smoothing and reservoir capacitors and a smoothing choke after the B set and intercom amplifier had been stripped out, leaving a single 6V6 wired as an output stage connected to a small loudspeaker.

 Here you can see the extra parts. It retains most of the original valves.

 Not only the front panel is bent, but the chassis too.

 The dials, although marked as MkIII, should fit my Canadian MkII which has really rusty dials and fittings. Note the discoloured meter. I removed this to check if it was still serviceable.


 All very peculiar. At some point, no less than three dial glasses had been fitted (two in proper glass and the third in plastic which seemed to have a melted area. Possibly this had been glued to the glass and the glue had decomposed the plastic?

The meter carries the date "1956".

Reassembling the meter with a single glass dial has improved its looks.

Should I scrap it or get it working?

Some more pictures

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