Radios in use in 1933 in the UK

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To see a set's valve line up, identify its "Type" in the Master-table below, then scroll back and click the Code in the Look-up table

 Look-up table
2VB 2 Valve Battery TRF
2VM 2 Valve Mains TRF
3VB 3 Valve Battery TRF
3VM 3 Valve Mains TRF
4VB 4 Valve Battery TRF
4VM 4 Valve Mains TRF

5 or 6 Valve Battery TRF
5VM 5 Valve Mains TRF
PTB Portable/Transportable Battery Set
RB Battery Radiogram
RM1 Mains Radiograms (A-G)
RM2 Mains Radiograms (H-W)
SB Battery Superhet
SM Mains Superhet



Make Model Type
Aeonic SG4 Portable PTB
Aeonic Suitcase 5 PTB
Aeonic Trans. 5 PTB
Aerodyne Battery 2 2VB
Aerodyne Mains 2 2VM
Aerodyne Pedestal de Luxe 3VB
Aerodyne Table RG RM1
Aerodyne V.Mu Battery SG3 3VB
Alba 22 3VB
Alba 33 3VB
Alba 44 RB
Alba 50 3VM
Alba 55 3VM
Alba 66 3VM
Alba 77 3VM
Alba 88 RM1
Alba 70RG RM1
All Wave AC4 (Stratton) 4VM
All Wave Battery 4 (Stratton) 4VB
Alliance AC3 3VM
Alliance Portable SG4 PTB
Amateur Wireless Home Station Two 2VM
Amateur Wireless The 1932 Ether Searcher 3VB
Amateur Wireless The 65/- Four 4VB
Amateur Wireless The Advance Four 4VB
Amateur Wireless The AW Simple Super SB
Amateur Wireless The Clarion Voice Two 2VB
Amateur Wireless The Ether Searcher Two 2VB
Amateur Wireless The Family Three 3VB
Amateur Wireless The Hiker's Two 2VB
Amateur Wireless The Home Lover's All-Electric Three 3VM
Amateur Wireless The Home Lover's Battery Three 3VB
Amateur Wireless The Ideal Regional Two 2VB
Amateur Wireless The Melody Ranger 4VB
Amateur Wireless The Midget Two 2VB
Amateur Wireless The New AC Century Super SM
Amateur Wireless The New Century Super SB
Amateur Wireless The New Favourite Three 3VB
Amateur Wireless The Original Century Super SB
Amateur Wireless The Percy Harris Mascot 3VB
Amateur Wireless The Quality 30/- Two 2VB
Amateur Wireless The Ten Station Two 2VB
Amateur Wireless The Triple Tune Four 4VB
Amateur Wireless The Wizard 3VB
Amateur Wireless The World Ranger Three 3VB
Amateur Wireless The World Wide Short Wave Three 3VB
Amateur Wireless Your Home Radio Gram RB
Ambron All-Electric Table Consolette 3VM
Ambron Bandpass 3 3VB
Ambron Battery 3 3VB
Ambron SG Bandpass 3 3VB
Amplion AC2 2VM
Amplion AC4 Transportable 4VM
Amplion Cabinet Portable PTB
Amplion Six 6VB
Amplion Six AC 5VM
Amplion Suitcase 4 PTB
Arega AC Mains 3 3VM
Atlas AC2 2VM
Atlas Battery 2 2VB
B.W. Battery 3 de Luxe 3VB
B.W. Carillon 3VM
B.W. Wizard 2VM
Beethoven Suitcase Portable 4 PTB
Beethoven Twin AC SG3 3VM
Bel AC3 3VM
Bel Canto RG4 RM1
Bell BPI Table Model RM1
Bell Radiogram RM1
Botolph 5 PTB
Botolph AC3 3VM
British General AC2 2VM
British General Battery 2 2VB
British General Battery 3 3VB
British General Double Bandpass AC3 3VM
British General RGAC3 RM1
British General SG3 AC 3VM
Brown AM 3VM
Brown BM 3VM
Brownie Battery SG4 4VB
Brownie Dominion 3 3VB
Brownie Dominion AC SG P3 3VM
Brownie Dominion AC2 2VM
Brownie Dominion Baby Grand 2VB
Brownie Dominion Battery 2 2VB
Brownie Dominion Console 3 3VB
Brownie Dominion Dominion Mains Set 2VM
Brownie Dominion Mains 3 3VM
Brownie Dominion SG3 3VB
Brownie Dominion SG3A 3VB
Brunswick 50 SM
Brunswick 60 SM
Brunswick 70 RM1
Brunswick 80 RM1
Brunswick 90 RM1
Bullphone Nightingale 3 3VB
Bullphone SG3 3VB
Burgoyne A PTB
Burgoyne Clock Set 3VB
Burgoyne Dreadnought Battery 3 3VB
Burgoyne Olympic Battery 3 3VB
Burgoyne Pentode Model PTB
Burgoyne Popular Battery 3 3VB
Burgoyne SG4 Portable PTB
Burgoyne Suitcase 5 PTB
Burgoyne Wonder 3 PTB
Burndept 1850 de Luxe 3VM
Burndept AC de Luxe 3VM
Burndept Ethophone AC3 3VM
Burndept Merrymaker 2 2VB
Burndept Merrymaker 3 3VB
Burndept Merrymaker AC2 2VM
Burndept Screened 4 4VB
Burndept Super Screened 4 4VB
Burndept Super Screened Portable PTB
Burndept SupeRM1ains Merrymaker 2VM
Burndept Wandering Minstrel 3VM
Burrell Table RG RM1
Burton AC3 3VM
Burton Empire Speaker 3 3VB
Burton Straight Battery 3 3VB
Bush AC3 3VM
Bush Radiogram RM1
BW Carillon RG RM1
CAC Radiogram Kit RM1
Cam AC Radiogram RM1
Cantor AC3 3VM
Cardinal 5VM
Chakophone All Battery RG RB
Chakophone All-in Three 3VB
Chakophone All-in-Two 2VB
Chakophone Junior AC2 2VM
Chakophone Junior portable 5 PTB
Chakophone Screened 3 3VB
Chakophone Screened 4 4VB
Chakophone Selective 2 2VM
Chorister 500 3VM
Chorister 501 3VB
Chorister 502 3VB
Cifel AC2 2VM
Cifel AC3 3VM
Cifel AC3RG RM1
Clarion All Electric RG RM1
Clarion Battery 3 3VB
Clarion Console Model 4VM
Clarion Table Model 4VM
Climax 22 2VM
Climax 22A 2VM
Climax Bandpass 3 3VM
Climax M22 2VM
Climax M33 3VM
Climax Radiogram AC3 RM1
Columbia 351 2VB
Columbia 354 3VB
Columbia 355 3VM
Columbia 356 SM
Columbia 303 Portable PTB
Columbia 303 Twin Station AC 2VM
Columbia 304AC 5VM
Columbia 307AC 3VM
Columbia 309 AC 2VM
Columbia 331 Pedestal AC 3VM
Columbia Auto Radiogram (631) RM1
Columbia Auto Radiogram (640) RM1
Columbia Battery 2 (353) 2VB
Columbia Console (602) RM1
Columbia Portable Superhet 380 PTB
Columbia Radiograph (620) RM1
Comet AC2 (Chas Swain) 2VM
Connaught 3 3VB
Consolidated Radio All Mains 2 2VM
Cossor 221 2VB
Cossor 233 2VM
Cossor 732 4VB
Cossor 1933 Melody Maker 336 3VM
Cossor 1933 Melody Maker 337 3VM
Cossor 222 & 222A 2VM
Cossor 533 & 533A 4VM
Cossor Commander 4 4VB
Cossor Empire Melody Maker 3VB
Cossor Melody Maker 1927 3VB
Cossor Melody maker No.335 3VB
Cossor Two Valve (1931) 2VM
Cossor Two Valver 1930 2VB
Daintree 5V Portable PTB
Danipad Ambassador RS RM1
Danipad Neptune 3VM
Danipad Popular AC2 2VM
Danipad Popular Suitcase 5 PTB
Danipad Trans.Popular Battery 3 PTB
Danipad Transol SG4 4VB
Decca 19 SM
Decca 22 SM
Decca 28 SM
Decca 29 RM1
Decca 39 RM1
Decca Battery 3 3VB
Decca Type 16 3VM

Deptacon No.1 Battery 3 3VB
Deptacon No.11 Battery 3 3VB
Deptacon No.12 AC3 3VM
Deptacon No.2 Battery 3 3VB
Deptacon No.3 AC3 3VM
Deptacon No.5 Battery 3 3VB
Deptacon No.6 AC3 3VM
Deptacon No.7 Battery 3 3VB
Detex Fireside Trans.5 PTB
Detex Portable 5 PTB
Detex SG Portable PTB
Detex Transportable 3 PTB
Dibben Cromwell 404 4VM
Dibben Cromwell 404RG RM1
Dibben Cromwell Battery 3 3VB
Dibben Cromwell SGSW 3VB
Dibben Monarch 303 3VM
Dibben Monarch B3 3VB
Dibben Monarch Chief 3VB
Dibben Monarch Marshall 3VB
Dibben Monarch Minor 3VB
Distavox Standard 3VB
Distavox Super 3VB
Dynatron Ambassador (32) 3VM
Dynatron Ether King (EK46) RM1
Dynatron Ether Lord (RG32) RM1
Dynatron Ether Prince (EP46) RM1
Dynatron Universal RG (U53) RM1
E.R.P. Clarendon 2VM
E.R.P. Marlborough 3VM
Eagle Duet 2VB
Eagle Duet Plus 3VB
Eagle Quartet SG PTB
Eagle Quintet PTB
Eagle Trio Model AT 3VB
Eagle Trio Model AT/Mc 3VB
Eagle Trio Model FSC 3VB
Eagle Trio Model FT 3VB
Eagle Trio Model FT/Mc 3VB
Eaglet Battery 2 2VB
Eaglet Battery 3 3VB
Edison Bell AC Transportable 3VM
Edison Bell AC3 3VM
Edison Bell Bandpass 3 (457) 3VM
Edison Bell Bandpass 3 RG (562) RM1
Edison Bell Bandpass 4 (466) 4VM
Edison Bell Bandpass 4 RG (467) RM1
Edison Bell Bandpass Consolette (555) 3VM
Edison Bell Bandpass Consolette (556) 4VM
Edison Bell Bijou 2 2VB
Edison Bell Compact 3 3VB
Edison Bell Console 4 4VB
Edison Bell Pedestal 3 3VB
Edison Bell Pentode 2 2VM
Edison Bell Picnic Portable PTB
Edison Bell Regent 4 4VB
Edison Bell SB SB
Edison Bell Superhet (458) SM
Edison Bell Superhet RG (562) RM1
Ekco 312 2VM
Ekco 313 3VM
Ekco C25 SM
Ekco M23 3VM
Ekco RC4 4VM
Ekco RG23 RM1
Ekco RG25 RM1
Ekco RG5 RM1
Ekco RG6 RM1
Ekco RS2 3VM
Ekco RS3 4VM
Ekco RS3 Consolette 4VM
Ekco SH25 SM
Eldeco Six Cabinet Superhet SB
Eldeco Six Portable (SD6) PTB
Eldeco Six Portable (SH6) PTB
Epoch FM3 3VM
ERP Belgrave Portable PTB
ERP Claremont Portable PTB
ERP Gainsborough AC4 4VM
ERP Gainsborough RG RM1
ERP Marlborough RM1
ERP Mayfair Superhet RG RM1
Excalibur Battery 3 3VB
Excalibur SG AC3 3VM
Falcon Two 2VB
Faraday AC 3VM
Faraday All Wave (S620A) SM
Faraday BT4 PTB
Fay Battery 3 3VB
Ferranti AC Superhet SM
Formo Bandpass SG3 3VB
Formo Bandpass Straight 3 3VB
Formo Straight 3 3VB
Fox Console (634) 5VM
Fox Radiogram (635) RM1
Fox Table Model (633) 5VM
Freestone RG RM1
Fullotone 250 2VB
Fullotone 251 3VB
Fullotone 253 RB
Fullotone 255 RM1
Fullotone 257 3VM
Fullotone 260 RM1
Fullotone 261 3VM
Gambrell Superhet AC7 SM
GEC 3 Valver 2830 3VB
GEC All Electric Four 4VM
GEC All-Wave Superhet BC3160 SB
GEC Music Magnet 3 3VB
GEC Music Magnet 4 4VB
GEC New Music Magnet 4 4VB
GEC Radiogram 4 RM1
GEC SG4 Portable PTB
GEC Victor 3 3VB
Gecophone Compact 3 BC3235 3VM
Gecophone Console BC3244 4VM
Gecophone Radiogram BC3248 RM1
Gecophone Table Four BC3240 4VM
Genie SG4 PTB
Gilbert AC3RG RM1
Gilbert Automatic RG RM1
Gnome Portable PTB
Goodwin All Electric 3 3VM
Goodwin GR7 3VB
Goodwin GR9 3VB
Goodwin Radiogram RB
Grafton 405 RM1
Grafton 505 RM1
Graves AC3 3VM
Graves Battery 3 3VB
Gresley Battery Bandpass 3 (87) 3VB
Gresley Battery Bandpass 3 (99) 3VB
Grippall 3 3VB
Grippall SG3 3VB
H.S.P. BP3 3VM
Hampton Radiogram AC3 RM2
Hampton Radiogram AC4 RM2
Hart Collins Passport 4 3VM
Hart Collins Passport 4 RG RM2
Hetrodex Screened 4 4VB
HMV 521/2 RM2
HMV Superhet Autoradiogram (532) RM2
HMV Superhet Lowboy 7 (470) SM
HMV Superhet Portable 6 (459) SB
HMV Superhet RG7 (523) RM2
HSP Battery 4 PTB
Imperial 3 PTB
K.B. 102 3VB
K.B. 106 3VB
K.B. 161 3VM
K.B. 163 3VB
K.B. 169 3VM
K.B. 240 2VM
K.B. 241 2VM
K.B. 279 3VM
K.B. 281 3VB
K.B. 310 3VB
K.B. 321 3VM
K.B. 322 2VM
K.B. 330 3VM
K.B. Junior Battery (291) 3VB
K.B. Kobra AC3 (305) 3VM
K.B. Kobra Battery 3 (274) 3VB
K.B. Pup AC2 (298) 2VM
KB 103 PTB
KB 156 PTB
KB 167 RM2
KB 168 RM2
KB 242 4VB
KB 250 RM2
KB 251 RM2
KB 320 4VM
KB 283 RG RM2
KB Kolstar SM
Kendic Consolette 3VB
Kenwell AR3 3VM
Kenwell AS2 2VM
Kenwell Bairn AC2 (AP2) 2VM
Kilodyne Special (Stratton) 4VB
Kolster Brandes 328 2VB
Kolster Brandes Kitten Battery 2 (299) 2VB
Kolster Brandes Pup Battery 2 (247) 2VB
Lambda Battery 3 3VB
Lanchester PTB
Lawrence Battery 3 3VB
Little General 3VM
London AC3 3VM
Loradsa AC2 2VM
Loradsa Cranley 3VM
Loradsa Marlborough RG RM2
Loradsa Radley 3VM
Loradsa RG RM2
Lotus AC Bandpass 3 3VM
Lotus Bandpass Battery 3 3VB
Lotus Bud AC2 2VM
Lotus Landmark Kit 3VB
Lotus Long Range 4 4VM

Lumophon 404 4VM
Lumophon K400 4VM
Lumophone CW300 3VM
Lumophone WD12 2VM
Lumophone WD23 3VM
M.P.R. Pentode 2 2VM
M.R.G. Clock Receiver 3VM
M.R.G. Phantom 3 3VM
Macnamara Golden Voice 3VM
Magnex Exponential 5 5VM
Magnex Exponential RG5 RM2
Magnum AC Bandpass 4 4VM
Magnum AC2 2VM
Magnum Bandpass 3 3VM
Magnum Battery 3 3VB
Magnum SG4 Portable PTB
Magnum Trans AC SG3 3VM
Magnum Universal 3 3VB
Magnum Variable-Mu Battery 3 3VB
Mall 1933 Portable 5 PTB
Marconi 22 2VB
Marconi 23 2VB
Marconi 32 3VB
Marconi 35 3VB
Marconi 39 3VB
Marconi 41 4VB
Marconi 44 4VB
Marconi 56 5VB
Marconi 221 2VB
Marconi 248 2VB
Marconi 252 3VB
Marconi 255 SB
Marconi 220AC 2VM
Marconi 22AC 2VM
Marconi 246AC 2VM
Marconi 256AC SM
Marconi 258AC SM
Marconi 32AC 3VM
Marconi 330AC 3VM
Marconi 39AC 3VM
Marconi 42AC 3VM
Marconi 43 Portable PTB
Marconi 47AC 4VM
Marconi 53 Portable PTB
Marconi 55 Portable PTB
Marconi Super Tuned Portable PTB
Marlborough Duke B.M.C.2 2VB
Marlborough General B.C.2 2VB
Marlborough Peer BBP3 3VB
Mavox AC2 2VM
Mavox AC3 3VM
Maximo AC2 2VM
Maximo Battery 3 3VB
McMichael Duplex Mains 4 Trans 4VM
McMichael Duplex Type C PTB
McMichael Duplex Type S PTB
McMichael Mains 3 3VM
McMichael Moving Coil Mains 3VM
McMichael Twin Speaker RG RM2
Mel Price MPR4 3VM
Midget 4 Portable PTB
Miniature 4 Portable PTB
Minuet SG4 PTB
Modern Wireless The AC Eckersley Three 3VM
Modern Wireless The Bi-Band Three 3VB
Modern Wireless The Brookmans Park Five 5VB
Modern Wireless The Diodion 4VB
Modern Wireless The Diodion Super Seven SB
Modern Wireless The Eckersley Varmu 3 3VB
Modern Wireless The Empire Super SB
Modern Wireless The Five Grid Four 4VB
Modern Wireless The Four Band Three 3VB
Modern Wireless The Hyperdyne Superhet SB
Modern Wireless The Lock-Tune Four 4VB
Modern Wireless The Lock-Tune Junior 3VB
Modern Wireless The LS Three 3VB
Modern Wireless The M.W.Cabinet 2 2VB
Modern Wireless The Main Power Three 3VM
Modern Wireless The Mu-Gram RB
Modern Wireless The Mu-Tone Three 3VM
Modern Wireless The MW AC Super Quad SM
Modern Wireless The MW Alpha 3VB
Modern Wireless The MW Bi-Band 3VB
Modern Wireless The MW Eckersley 3 3VB
Modern Wireless The MW Extenser Power 3VM
Modern Wireless The MW Four 4VB
Modern Wireless The MW Portable 4 PTB
Modern Wireless The MW Programme Prince 3VB
Modern Wireless The MW Super Five SB
Modern Wireless The MW Super Quad 4VB
Modern Wireless The MW Uni-Coil 3 3VB
Modern Wireless The MW Vari-Four 4VB
Modern Wireless The Six Watt AC Amplifier 3VM
Modern Wireless The Timepiece Three 3VM
MPA Ethatrope AC4 4VM
MPR 5 Radiogram RM2
MPR 7V Radiogram RM2
MRG Automatic Console de Luxe RG RM2
MRG Clock Receiver 4VM
MRG Console 3 RG RM2
MRG Console 4 RG RM2
MRG Pedestal 4 4VM
MRG Phantom 4 4VM
Murphy B4 PTB
Musonic CST 3VB
Musonic ST 3VB
National Portable 5 PTB
Orpheum AC3 3VM
Orpheum Battery 3 3VB
Osram Thirty Three 3VB
Ottawa 6 5VM
Overseas AC4 (Stratton) 4VM
Overseas Battery 4 (Stratton) 4VB
Palladium PTB
Pan 3 3VB
Pan AC2 2VM
Pantheon PTB
Paramount AC2 2VM
Paramount All Electric RG (15) RM2
Pegasus AC2 (11) 2VM
Pegasus AC3 (1616) 3VM
Pegasus Battery 2 2VB
Pegasus Battery SG4 PTB
Pegasus SG3 3VB
Pegasus Suitcase Portable PTB
Philips 44 4VM
Philips 2502 3VB
Philips 2511 4VM
Philips 2514 3VM
Philips 2515 2VM
Philips 2522 PTB
Philips 2523 2VM
Philips 2524 3VM
Philips 2531 3VM
Philips 2532 3VB
Philips 2533 3VM
Philips 2534 3VM
Philips 2601 4VM
Philips 2634 3VM
Philips 2636 3VM
Philips 2653 5VM
Philips 2802 4VB
Philips 2811 4VM
Philips 630A 5VM
Philips 720A 5VM
Philips 830A 4VM
Philips 830B 5VB
Philips 830C 4VM
Philips 870A 4VM
Philips 930A 3VM
Philips 930C 3VM
Philomel AC3RG RM2
Philomel MT3 3VM
Philomel MT3C 3VM
Pluto SG3 3VB
Popular Battery 3 3VB
Popular Wireless The 1933 Four 4VB
Popular Wireless The 1933 Two 2VB
Popular Wireless The Airsprite (AC) 3VM
Popular Wireless The Airsprite (Battery) 3VB
Popular Wireless The Apex 3VB
Popular Wireless The Band-Pack 3VB
Popular Wireless The Cosmic 3 Star 3VB
Popular Wireless The Cosmic Four 4VB
Popular Wireless The Cosmic Two 2VB
Popular Wireless The Decade 3VB
Popular Wireless The Eckersley Two 2VB
Popular Wireless The Fireside Consolette 4VB
Popular Wireless The Flex Feed Two 2VM
Popular Wireless The Globe Trotter 2VB
Popular Wireless The L.G.Two 2VB
Popular Wireless The Moderator Two 2VB
Popular Wireless The new BP Three 3VB
Popular Wireless The Olympus Four 4VB
Popular Wireless The Overseas Two 2VB
Popular Wireless The Plug-in Two 2VB
Popular Wireless The Pop Vox Four 4VB
Popular Wireless The PW All-in-3 3VB
Popular Wireless The PW Dual Ranger 3VB
Popular Wireless The PW Eckersley 3 3VB
Popular Wireless The PW Radio Gram RB
Popular Wireless The PW Single Dial Super SB
Popular Wireless The PW Super Quad 4VB
Popular Wireless The Sky Hawk 3VB
Popular Wireless The Space Breaker 4VB
Portadyne Atlantic Suitcase 4 PTB
Portadyne BMC4 PTB
Portadyne Challenger PTB
Portadyne M.C.2 2VB
Portadyne MC4 4VB
Powertone Suitcase Portable 4 PTB
Powertone Suitcase Portable 5 PTB
Precision AC3 3VM
Precision Bandpass AC3 3VM
Premier Battery 3 3VB
President Battery 3 3VB
Psychon P300 3VB
Psychon P500 3VM
Psychon Popular Wireless Three 3VB

Pye AC Twintriple 4VM
Pye G 3VM
Pye G/B 4VB
Pye K 2VM
Pye MM3 3VM
Pye Q/MC 4VB
Pye S SM
Pye Twintriple (Battery) 4VB
Quality AC Kit 4VM
Quality Radiogram RM2
Quality Single Dial Super SM
Quest Battery 3 3VB
R.I. Madrigal (1933) 3VM
Radix AC2 2VM
Radix Transportable Battery 3 PTB
Ray Eng AC3 3VM
Ready Radio 303 Kit 3VB
Ready Radio Meteor SG Kit 3VB
Rees Mace Table RG RM2
Regentone All Mains 2 (Pentode type) 2VM
Regentone All Mains 2 (Triode type) 2VM
Regentone Straight 3 3VM
Regentone Super 3 3VM
RGD 901 Supersonic RG RM2
RI Madrigal RG (1933) RM2
RI Superhet SM
RI Superhet RG RM2
Ringwood M3 3VM
Roberts C6 Cabinet Superhet SB
Roberts P6 Portable Superhet SB
Rolls Caydon AC Bandpass 3VM
Rolls Caydon AC3 3VM
Rolls Caydon Suitcase SG4 PTB
Rolls Caydon Transportable SG4 PTB
Scammell AC4 4VM
Shalless Mayfair 3VB
Shalless Minor 3VB
Shalless Saville 3VB
Shalless Standard 3VB
Sinclair AC Four 3VM
Slektun Scout SG3 Kit 3VB
Smallwood Battery 3 3VB
Sovereign Cirius Transportable 3 PTB
Sovereign Comet 2 2VB
Sovereign Doric 3VB
Sovereign Jupiter 3VB
St.Pauls New Three de Luxe 1933 3VB
Stalker Transportable Battery 3 PTB
Standard S.328 2VB
Sterling AC3 (Burrows) 3VM
Sterling Battery 3 (Burrows) 3VB
Sterno Portable 5 PTB
Sun Battery 3 3VB
Sunbeam B33 3VB
Symphony Portable 5 PTB
Tannoy RG25 Amplifier RM2
Tannoy Senior Superhet RG RM2
Tannoy Standard RG RM2
Telcalamit AC3 3VM
Telsen Air Marshall 3 3VB
Telsen Ajax 3 Kit 3VB
Telsen All mains SG3 Kit 3VM
Telsen Astrala Kit 3VB
Telsen Commodore 3 kit 3VB
Telsen Conquerer 3 kit 3VB
Telsen Jupiter 3 Kit 3VB
Telsen Nimrod 2 2VB
Telsen S91 3VB
Telsen S92 3VB
Telsen S93 3VB
Telsen Short Wave 3 Kit 3VB
Telsen Songster 2 2VB
Telsen Super Six Kit SB
Telsen Triple 3 Kit 3VB
Telsen Victor 3 Kit 3VB
Triad Grand 3VB
Troc AC3 3VM
Troc Junior 3 3VB
Troc Senior 3 3VB
Truphonic Meloset PTB
Truphonic Pedestal RG RM2
Truphonic Table Receiver 3VM
Truphonic Table RG RM2
Tunewell Super Radiogram RM2
Ultra 1933 Panther 4VM
Ultra 1933 Panther Consolette 4VM
Ultra 1933 Tiger 3VM
Ultra 1933 Tiger Consolette 3VM
Ultra Blue Fox 2VM
Ultra Lynx 3VM
Ultra Tiger Radiogram RM2
Umello Bijou A3C 3VM
Umello Console 3VM
Umello Table Model 3VM
Unicfon Battery Transportable 3 PTB
Unicfon Portable 5 PTB
Unicfon RGAC3 RM2
Unicfon Trans. AC3 3VM
Unirad AC3 3VM
Unirad Bantam 2VM
Varley AC3 3VM
Varley Square Peak AP34 3VM
Varley Square Peak AP38 SM
Varley Square Peak Superhet AP40 RM2
Vee Cee AC4 4VM
Vulcan 2 2VB
Wates Futura 6 RG RM2
Wates Future 6 5VM
Wates Transportable Battery 3 PTB
Willowbrook Radiogram RM2
Wireless Constructor The Detrode 2VB
Wireless Constructor The Double Tune Three 3VB
Wireless Constructor The Duo Vise Two 2VB
Wireless Constructor The Elecroscreen 3 3VB
Wireless Constructor The Gangster 3VB
Wireless Constructor The IE Three 3VB
Wireless Constructor The Pentode Two 2VB
Wireless Constructor The ST300 3VB
Wireless Constructor The ST300 (AC) 3VM
Wireless Constructor The ST400 4VB
Wireless Constructor The ST400 All Electric Consolette 3VM
Wireless Constructor The Straight Tune 3 3VB
Wireless Constructor The Vi-King Bandpass Four 4VB
Wireless Constructor The Vi-King Portable PTB
Wireless Constructor The Viking Super SB
Wireless Magazine Everybody's Portable Superhet SB
Wireless Magazine Everybody's Radiogram RM2
Wireless Magazine Percy Harris Radiogram RM2
Wireless Magazine The 1931 AC Super Sixty SM
Wireless Magazine The 1932 Super Sixty SB
Wireless Magazine The 1933 Economy SG3 3VB
Wireless Magazine The AC Calibrator 3VM
Wireless Magazine The Aladdin Two 2VB
Wireless Magazine The APA Radio Unit 2VM
Wireless Magazine The Baffle Board 3 3VB
Wireless Magazine The Brookmans Three Plus One 4VB
Wireless Magazine The Calibrator 4VB
Wireless Magazine The Cramo Radio AC3 RM2
Wireless Magazine The double Band Pass Three 3VB
Wireless Magazine The Double Bandpass Four 4VB
Wireless Magazine The Dual Loudspeaker Amplifier 3VM
Wireless Magazine The Easytune 60 SB
Wireless Magazine The Economy AC2 2VM
Wireless Magazine The Economy Gramo Amplifier 3VB
Wireless Magazine The Economy Radio Gram RB
Wireless Magazine The Ether Rover 4VB
Wireless Magazine The Family Two 2VB
Wireless Magazine The Five Advantage 3 3VB
Wireless Magazine The Harris Ethergram RB
Wireless Magazine The Home Short Waver 4VB
Wireless Magazine The Ideal Home Super SB
Wireless Magazine The Multi Mag Three 3VB
Wireless Magazine The Music Lover's Two 2VM
Wireless Magazine The New Plug-in-Coil Three 3VB
Wireless Magazine The New Style Battery Radio Gram RB
Wireless Magazine The Prosperity Three 3VB
Wireless Magazine The Prosperity Three 3VM
Wireless Magazine The Quality Amplifier 4VB
Wireless Magazine The Seventy Seven Super SM
Wireless Magazine The Super Senior SB
Wireless Magazine The Super Sixty 1931 SB
Wireless Magazine The Supertone Four 4VB
Wireless Magazine The Table Quad 4VB
Wireless Magazine The Transportable 3 PTB
Wireless Magazine The WM Short Wave Super SB
Wireless Magazine The Words and Music Radio Gram RB
Wireless World The Autotone 4VB
Wireless World The Battery Baby Superhet SB
Wireless World The Battery VM 3 3VB
Wireless World The Diode Quality Four 4VB
Wireless World The Power Radio Gram RM2
Wireless World The Pre-Selection AC3 3VM
Wireless World The Schooner Set 3VB
Wireless World The Selective five SB
Wireless World The Short Wave Two 2VB
Wireless World The Super Selective Six SM
Wireless World The W.W.Two 2VB
Wireless World The WW AC Three 3VM
Wireless World The WW All-Wave Mono-Dial Super SB
Wireless World The WW Baby Superhet SM
Wireless World The WW Bandpass Pentode 3 3VB
Wireless World The WW Battery 3 3VB
Wireless World The WW Four 4VM
Wireless World The WW Modern Straight Five 5VM
Wireless World The WW Monodial SM
Wireless World The WW Quality Amplifier 3VM
Wireless World The WW Straight Three 3VB
Wolsey AC3 3VM
Yagerphone Battery 3 (B3) 3VB
Yagerphone Battery 3 (BP3) 3VB
Yagerphone BG3 RB
Yagerphone M5 4VM