Weird Stuff

A "Nagele" Hair Restorer


 A glass tube filled with neon plugs into a high voltage insulated handle. A rotary control sets the voltage and a violet discharge takes place between the glass tube and one's person. I haven't opened up the circuitry but my guess is that a high frequency high voltage is produced by a mechanically vibrating device driving a tesla coil. There's a sizzling noise and sparks of up to an inch or so bridge the gap between the glass tube and bits of you placed near it. The electrical activity, no doubt is supposed to stimulate one's scalp and promote hair growth. I've seen one of these before, a long time ago and I'd appreciate any info.

Radiolux Violet Ray Machine


 As you can see this is a RADIOLUX. So.. what's a Radiolux?

Well it's a cure-all magic box known generically as a "Violet Ray" machine.

This model is quite a late example, probably dating from the early 1930s and works from 110 volts. Not as you may think an American supply voltage, but one dating from pre-war days when England had an almost infinite variety of mains voltages, both AC and DC.

Only one glass tube seems to be present but originally there would have been a selection, each producing a marvelous purple glow accompanied by a fizzing noise from the discharge of several thousand volts.

Amplivox audiometer Type 81

Not so weird is this old hearing tester

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