Vidor CN430 Portable


 Opening the box revealed this rather well-preserved set dating from 1954.

 And opening the case revealed an immaculate chassis. The valves are, left to right DL96, DAF96, DF96 and DK96. A metal rectifier is fitted below the wavechange switch on the left.
 These mains-battery portables usually stored their mains cables in the battery compartment under the lid, but this wasn't always possible when a sizable 13-amp plug is fitted. It's not very convenient either when the set is normally used on mains so the answer is to route the mains cable via the slot for the lid support. Closing the lid then squashes the cable because the designers didn't fit a cut-out for the cable.


 The label is positioned awkwardly for a photograph so is reproduced here in two parts. Note below, the battery has HT and 7.5 volts LT because the valve filaments are wired in series making it easier to power from a mains transformer whose overall tolerance would be pretty poor. The higher LT voltage reduces the chance of a severe over-voltage blowing one of the fragile 1.4 volt filaments.

 The set's serial number

 The set's license plate

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