Miscellaneous UK-built sets with wooden cabinets

 In post-war Britain a good weekly wage was less than £10. In 2001 if this is reckoned to be £200 then the earlier radios below would cost around £400 in todays money.

Regentone Model AW66

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 This set is dated 1947 but is has no model number visible. David Last tell's me it's a model AW66.

Invicta Model 30

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 This cost a little over £20 in 1946. From the Holmesley car boot sale.

Ekco A160

Invicta 30

 This must have made a tasty meal for some woodworm. They've had since 1953 to eat it but there's still plenty left. From a local Christchurch auction saleroom.

Ekco Model U723/1



 The cabinet of this type of set is difficult to restore as it has a high gloss finish which gets brittle over the years and then bits fall off as you can see above. The exposed edges are plywood which won't stain nicely so I will have to first stick on some lengths of veneer (if I ever get round to it!). Bought at Matchams market where they have stock car and banger racing at weekends.

Etronic Model ETA7319

 Judging from the shadow of its twin speakers, this must have been the Hi-Fi variant. This came from the Verwood recycling centre.

Etronic R640

 Made in 1947 and donated by my friend Vic from Burley who rescued this example whilst it was being transported from the bottom of a wardrobe to a skip. Is the missing knob still lying in the wardrobe or in a little glass dish with useful bits in somewhere else in the house? At first glance, or should I say twiddle, the pointer won't move from the bottom of the scale (that's roughly where the local "Bournemouth" signal used to be). Is this why it was relegated to the wardrobe or did the sound seem more mellow when placed there? Baffling.

Decca "Intercontinental" Model 1125

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 Complete coverage from 10 to 2000 metres including logging scale and a bandspread tuning knob.

This example came from Ringwood street auction for £1

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