Miscellaneous foreign sets with wooden cabinets

 Grundig Model 3079PH




 This is a radiogram which despite its tiny record platter can play large LP's with its lid closed

 This is a NordeMende Model 8030


 Telefunken "Jubilate 6"


  "Vor Abnehmen der Ruckwand Netzstecker ziehen" written large on the back

Tunes Long and Medium wavebands plus FM up to 100MHz

This set was made for the German market and, despite its looks, has a wooden, not plastic, case. The foreign writing stands for "Unplug from mains before removing back"

 Philips BD263U

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 Bought for £4 at the local car boot sale, cheap because it has a substantial crack in the case. The seller said he bought it at a car boot sale in Germany for 20 marks and it lights up. It seems when it was dropped the model badge fell off the lower front as there are remnants of glue visible.

It's an AC/DC model of course although by the time it was made I doubt if any DC mains existed. It was just a cheap way of making sets; leaving out the mains transformer! This one covers long, medium and VHF wavebands and looks like a 1950s model.

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