Repairing a radio valve


 These picture illustrate the steps taken to restore a valve, damaged like the one shown, to serviceable condition. As there must be thousands of similarly broken valves I'll describe what I did to bring mine back to life.

Initially the top wire needs to be long enough to attach a thin wire and in this case I had to use a needle file to remove some of the glass pip (very very carefully) just enough to continue as below. Scrape the wire gently and tin it with care. Wind a thin wire around the tinned wire. Remove solder from the old cap revealing a hole in the centre, leaving the composition material inside so a good fit can be achieved.

Poke the new wire through the hole and wind it around the cavity then add solder after gently locating the best position and pressing against the glass. I applied superglue to the underside of the cap before soldering but you could add this later.







The finished valve with superglue also added around the glass-base junction.

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