Valve Line-Ups for Radio Sets in use in 1933

 This was a very interesting period as a wide variety of models were available including sets made from kits, straight receivers and superhets. Several UK valve manufacturers were in business offering equivalents for each others products as well as foreign imports, frowned upon by the British regulatory organisation. Even if you do not wish to make use of the information it is still interesting to look at the evocative names given to some of the sets! Many names proclaim the latest technical advance, much the same as modern practice with computers. Reference to "screen" or "SG" in a name indicated the use of the new tetrode which had an extra electrode (or two) compared with the older triode valves. Then came "Variable Mu" which was a way of achieving automatic gain control by modifying the design of the screen grid.






A Typical Valve Line-up from a "3-valve" late 20's Mains Radio

From left to right:- S4V, 154V, PM24 and a DW2 rectifier

(the rectifier traditionally didn't count)

The B4 base wasn't big enough for tetrodes so the extra grid came out to a screw terminal on the side of the base

 I've included tables of equivalents as the information below is based entirely on Mullard coded devices. Some sets required metallised valves to prevent instability and several types of valve were available in either metallised or plain glass. Where there is a choice of valves the metallised ones are in "bold" printing. Some valves such as the MM4V and the VM4V are always metallised so are not marked as such. Be warned that valve numbers were not always definitive: some types were available with more than one type of base eg. the newer B7 base was used to avoid the use of the screw side contact in the older 5-pin Pen4VA but the type number remained the same.

The convention used in counting the valves is to exclude the rectifier (in mains sets) in the total, although from the names given to their sets, manufacturers didn't always agree.

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