A 2-Valve TRF Receiver

 A typical low-cost TRF receiver, probably built between 1929 and 1932 from a kit of parts which would have included the case because this looks far superior than the usual home-brew carpentry efforts. Note the decorative features, and it's a lot smaller than usual, measuring only 12"x7"x7".


 The set uses a mutual inductance technique for setting the amount of reaction. This involves two coils, one of which is on a moveable socket altered by the knob at the front left. The right hand knob operates a rudimentary on/off switch for the filament supply. Removing this supply is supposed to also switch off any HT current. I don't see a marking on the variable condenser, but it looks like an Ormond. The interstage transformer is a Telsen Ace with a step up ratio of 3 and just one resistor and mica condenser. The two valves are missing but would have been something like the Mullard PM1HL.


 Inside the case were additional coils. These were made by Aslett, a name with which I'm not familiar.


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