A tiny Tiny computer

 A customer called to ask if I'd look at her computer, which was acting strangely. Her son had looked at it but couldn't make any headway... it kept going wrong. Apart from asking for missing files and freezing, it was just downright mis-behaving.

I imagined at first it must be a virus, especially as Norton told me it's free virus definition upgrade had expired.

I loaded the latest definition file and let it scan the hard drive for problems but it only managed a minute or so before freezing.

After a few attempts I gave up and removed the cover; the hard drive cable was well and truly trussed up with plastic tie-wraps but after snipping these and removing the hard drive carrier, I was able to detach it. What was written on the top..... "Fujitsu".

I called the owner.... and explained about Fujitsu drives and how they are blaming Cirrus and Cirrus are blaming them. About the millions of hard drives either failed or waiting to fail in millions of computers.. including Tiny of course.

The customer had paid for extended warranty, which should have been still in force.

Unfortunately Tiny hadn't kept up the payments to their insurers and as far as I know there now isn't any extended warranty unless Time, the new owner of Tiny has helped out. Have you ever tried to get through to one of these premium lines for supporting a computer? At £1 a minute you just can't afford to listen to ringing tones or distorted music. I know that telling someone that they're 59th in a queue is supposed to help, but not at £1 per minute wait. At that price it's not quite as expensive as buying a rip-off CD in rip-off Britain but there must be a cheaper way of listening to music? Try radio. The Government abolished radio licenses and listening to the radio is free!

I removed the old 40Gbyte drive and fitted a nice new Western Digital 7,200rpm type. The computer runs nice and fast now. A stroke of luck though.... the Tiny recovery floppy/CD worked like a dream. The new drive got partitioned and formatted and reloaded just like new!


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