Goblin Timespot Radio

 I bought this radio many years ago but never got around to looking at it. It has one missing perspex cover and another that's past its best. The mains lead is completely frayed and dangerous and I had to glue the veneer back in place. Other than that, its back cover is present as are all the valves and the chassis looks to be in good condition. It was made in 1947 or soon afterwards.


 The valve line up is bog standard for sets made just post war, being a 6K8GT, 6K7GT, 6R7G, 6V6G and a 5Z4G, all International Octal based.

It has a permanent magnet speaker which is mounted in a strange position to conform to the curved front of the set.


 The maker is unusual being the British Vacuum Cleaner Co. Perhaps a new MD wanted to expand the business into a totally new area? Although Goblin continued to make teamakers, apart from a completely re-styled clock radio brought out a year or two after this model, teamakers became the main product other than vacuum cleaners of course.


 Practical Wireless published an article on the set's repair back in 1955. Click the circuit to see a scan of this.


 I'll need to make a pair of new dial covers and tidy up the case to make it look presentable.

Here's one I repaired for a customer

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