AEG-Telefunken RDSU

 I was given this little display unit a few years ago It's part of a complicated system used in the Tornado aircraft. I'd always assumed it was part of a radar altimeter, but the screen markings (see below the cable pictures) appear to be sweeps in front and to the rear of the plane's flight path. There's a lot missing including the front cover which connects to the pair of connectors. See below to find out exactly what the complete display system looks like. Of course there's also the radar equipment, aerial and suchlike to work the display, not to mention the PDS contracts which must have included the preparation of the 35mm films. My box is only the CRT part of the CRPMD (Combined Radar and Projected Map Display).


 As you can see below the box carries a set of 11 circuit boards in a frame plus one in the top lid. Underneath the CRT is an EHT transformer and rectifier. The circuitry uses 54 series TTL which is the type generally specified in military equipments.

I'll need to discover what an RDSU is... Radio Distress Signalling Unit?

Here's a cable advertised by a German company...price 5.99 euros plus VAT..

 It's a "special cable for a NATO Commercial And Government Entity".. not very enlightening..

 Power Cable 26-Pole

Length: 1m, Condition: used (very good)

 AEG D3683
Supply No .: 5995-12-310-9980

 Looking at the circuit boards for a clue isn't very instructive. The single board with 6 power transistors was screwed to a heatsink, which I've removed, connects to the 11 board set via a multi-way cable (J15). You can see that this board has two similar circuits and a single mini-coax cable. Are these the vertical and horizontal output circuits with the coax feed carrying a marker?

Enhanced view of the CRT screen showing markings plus some burn images


 View from underside with cover removed


 Circuit boards starting from the RHS and from left to right then the LHS from left to right. Note the use of 54 series chips.













 Below..Two views of the board mounted on the lower cover with black heatsink removed




 Although the display unit was made by AEG Telefunken, other units were made by Ferranti and Texas Instruments.





 My black box is at the lower rear of the assembly. The box with the slanting front and the multi-way connector positioned on a bracket.

The display viewed by the navigator is projected onto the screen, combining ground echoes and a picture from a 35mm filmstrip.



 The last picture is from the Tornado preservation group website where you can see how Elliott Atkins and other dedicated people are keeping alive our aircraft history.

The picture shows the unit being assembled into the Tornado's rear cockpit.

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