Premier Radio Kit Receiver


  I found this little box at the local car boot sale amongst all sorts of old rubbish and when I lifted the lid discovered it was an old home-built receiver.

I didn't bother haggling and paid the £4 asked, whereupon the chap asked me what it was.

  Inside I can recognise WWII surplus parts in new condition including a couple of 2 volt triode valves, marked HL23 and VR130 (which are the same thing despite being different colours). One of the knobs is from a 17-Set, and some of the parts look like 18 Set spares. What set was the box associated with see below and did Premier Radio supply the kit which seems to be a 2-valve TRF radio (see at the bottom of this page)? If so it must have been in the late 40s or perhaps up to 1951? There are 3 variable condensers, tuning, reaction and aerial trim or bandspread, a volume control and a wavechange switch.


 Above you can see a main tuning condenser plus a fine tuner and an aerial trimmer.


 Here you can see an interstage coupling transformer and an output transformer plus a volume control pot at the upper left.

Below you can see the pair of coils each carrying two sets of windings to cover the whole of the long, medium and short-wavebands.


 The box itself is about a five inch cube and carries the painted over name "Case Spare Valves No.5 ZA10418".



 I just found this "Premier Radio" advert in an old RSGB Bulletin dated May 1949

The firm used to be called Morris and Co. (Radio) Ltd.

and at this date had just moved to new premises in Fleet Street and Edgeware Road. Business must have been booming.

I paid £4 and it was already assembled but there were no batteries included!


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