Hallicrafters S38D

 The Hallicrafters S38 came in several guises. This (Model D) is perhaps the most attractive. Models A to C had twin half-moon dials positioned left and right of centre, whilst the last model, the E was a stylish version of the D. The S38 receiver was a budget model aimed at the short-wave listener market in the US and was much less rugged and lighter than early models because it used an AC/DC power circuit without the associated heavy transformer of the AC series. I'm not sure of the understanding of the term AC/DC as applied to US wirelesses as I don't know the history of US mains distribution. In the UK many sets were designed for use on DC mains and the term AC/DC described sets that could be used on either type of mains. As time went on the term AC/DC was still used but DC mains were a thing of the past.

 What makes this example of the S38D very special is the fact that it is still in its original packing box. It is even contained in a canvas carrying bag, apparently made for the set.

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