Hallicrafters "S21 Skyrider 5-10"


 This fine old receiver made in 1939, in original drab livery, tunes to two VHF bands, 25 to 40 Mc/s and 38 to 66Mc/s and has all the features one would expect in a communications receiver. The valves used are octal types, with the exception of the UX4 rectifier, as follows:-

RF stage... 1852 (same as a 6AC7); Mixer... 6L7; Oscillator... 6J5G; 1st IF... 6K7; 2nd IF... 6P7G; Det/AF... 6Q7G; AGC... 6H6; Output... 6F6G; Rectifier... 80.

It's a single conversion superhet with an IF of 1.6Mc/s.

Colour is original and could be described as dried mud.

At least the rust spots aren't that obvious!

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