Radio Rentals Model 202 AC/DC


 You can see that this little bakelite receiver was built with keeping its manufacturing cost as low as possible.


 Inside it's obviously an AC/DC set, probably not to ensure it worked on DC particularly, but to keep its cost as low as possible.


 The dial is nice and clearly laid out and the Medium/Long wavechange switch positioned underneath it.

These sets were made for the rental market, and as such remained the property of the rental company, in this case Radio Rentals.


 The back is held in place by two large screws which also hold the chassis in place. Nowadays, in the cause of health and safety, you'd probly find special screws with triangular philips slots to prevent a DIYer removing the cover, but these are designed to be released by a thin coin. The live chassis is only just covered by the back panel with live rivet heads not far from the apertures.

Below is the license plate.


 Below is the circuit diagram for the Radio Rentals Model 202

click the circuit to see more details


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