This unit is a plug-in part of the Gee Navigation System.

For details of Gee see the page on the RF25B





 In the centre a wire has been cut, apparently V2 anode to IF coil. Why was this?


  After testing the RF24 I tried this RF26.

The results were not quite right. I can see the oscillator but the tuning passband is absent indicating a probable fault with the unit.

I checked three dial settings, zero, a mid range and 100 corresponding to the oscillator frequencies seen below, 50.175MHz, 53.55MHz and 66.525MHz. The EC52 oscillator was OK but no sign of the receivers pass-band (approx 8MHz below the oscillator) as can be seen in the RF24 and RF25. This may be connected with the cut wire at the centre valve (which I soldered back in place). Maybe indicative of an old fault-finding exercise by a previous owner? Maybe cracked glass around a pin of one of the two EF50s?




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