This must be a record of some sort?

 At the end of September, 2002 or 29/9/02 to be precise a computer was delivered for repair to the workshop. There were no particular problems except the CDROM wouldn't read all CDs. This I find to be a common problem once a unit is more than two years old, especially when it is a DVD or rewriter. Probably this is because the laser is asked to do more than average and its life is therefore shorter. I fitted a new unit, rated at 40x12x48 and it worked satisfactorily. Strangely, both the hard drive and the old CD were set to CS or cable select, which I didn't understand. Anyway they both worked normally with the jumpers set to the usual Master and Slave.

There had been some talk about viruses. I recall mentioning a machine I'd had in with over 100 and the owner had been oblivious of any virus related problem; just odd mis-behaviour. I inquired the type of virus detector he had and he'd replied confidently that he was sure all was OK because the computer had been fitted with such when he'd bought it several years before. I looked a little askance and said I'd fit a newer one when I finished fitting the new drive.

The computer seemed to be working normally, albeit maybe slightly slower than I'd have expected, and almost as an afterthought I loaded Norton 2001 with its latest update. Almost immediately, before the update had gone in I was rewarded by an "Alert" screen. A virus had been discovered. By the time the installation had been completed and run for the first time, four virus types had been found and some 1,185 virus infected files had been quarantined.

As one of the virus types was a well known W32 variety I downloaded the special removal tool together with removal tools for two of the other three.

These removal tools were duly run and a further 29,000 odd files were either quarantined or deleted.

I totalled the results. Including those deleted, repaired and quarantined there were 31,997.

Is this a record?


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