I acquired a few avionics bits and pieces in September 2008

 Help would be appreciated in identifying them!

Get your thinking caps on... esp if you were in the RAF in the 60s and 70s as I guess most were fitted to this type of aircraft


 RF Amplifier Type A8281. RAF part number 10U/17211

Part of a Canberra avionics package?

Yes, it's part of a MARCONI SUB MINIATURE RADIO COMPASS AD.722, (ARI 5877)

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Amplifier Type A401/3, part number 5CZ/4337553

Made by Ultra

Is this the heart of an audio distribution system?

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Transmitter/Receiver and Antenna Type No. 9307MR1

Made by Decca Navigator

Is this a radar altimeter? No.. I'm reliably informed it was used for measuring the speed of an aircraft.

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Flight Director Type ZL2. flight computer, part 19616-0

RAF part number 6A/8768

Made by Sperry Gyroscope and cooled via a high pressure hose.

If it's a computer does it use chips and transistors?

Nope... Click to see...I took the lid off and inside were rows and rows of valves.



A small radar display made by AEG Telefunken marked Item RDSU, D3683

Part number V22.602.2-0ZG1, C model type 4

Panavia spec SP-P-970148

 Elliott Atkins, in the team restoring Tornado GR.1P ZA326 tells me... "It's a Radar Display Unit, the CRT part of the CRPMD (Combined Radar and Projected Map Display). The radar returns from the ground mapping radar are drawn on the screen and overlaid via a combining mirror with a map. The map imagery is on a 35mm film with a light shone through it - low-tech satnav!

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Small black box carrying label "SER/No V41"



Small black box with ADR RCVR on front and Collins Type 614L-2 at rear

Is this part of an "Airborne Data Router" ?

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