R206 MkI

Purchased May 2015: these are pictures taken by the seller


 Overall, the receiver wasn't in bad condition. What isn't obvious from the above pictures, is that the centre two valves in the RF unit have broken top caps. The EF39 cap was broken off and the ARTH2 had a hole in the glass. Whether these faults had occurred when the set was being fitted into its case I don't know. It's certainly possible. A shame as the set has survived for over 70 years.

The rear surface of the case was badly rusted due to its being stored on a wet surface for many years. Paint is flaking off several areas of the front panel and, because all the lettering is painted on rather than being engraved, refurbishment will mean removal of the front panel, paint removal, and repainting followed by re-lettering.

All mechanical parts are seized but look to be in otherwise good order.

The lid is damaged at one corner and will need welding, then the whole re-painting. Missing parts include, one lid screw, one chassis screw and the knob for the volume control but nothing of any consequence.

The triangular aerial panel is missing and a new panel needs to be made.

Under the chassis, it's clear that it's entirely original with no replacement parts. A note on the side of the chassis suggests it's been aligned, but that might have been many decades ago.

Pictures of the receiver as received

Complete with cover

The label seems to be that of a London government surplus dealer...



Poor paintwork, flaking to bare metal

Damaged valves and missing panel

Rhodium plated coil contacts

Wavechange seized but in good order

All original components

Missing metal cover


 Front cover but no circuit diagram unlike that of the R107

Two of these posts are bent and this corner needs welding


(1) Initially get the receiver working electrically and mechanically click to see how it's proceeding

(2) Remove and refurbish the front panel, case and cover

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