More Pye Radios

Pye VHF2D Continental

 Sold for something over £26 in 1958

A "PianoKey" set which were very popular in those days but not so with service engineers as a faulty piano key switch can render such a set scrap.

Pye Model R33

A modern looking set from 1961

Pye Cambridge

 This a Pye Cambridge Model 1101 with Long, Medium, 2 Short and 5 Bandspead Shortwave bands reflecting growing interest in what was going on in the rest of the world.

It has 5 valves and was made for "universal" mains in 1963.

The term "universal" by then was a bit of a fraud and had long been so as DC mains were pretty rare if not long gone by 20 years! But a universal set had no mains transformer and as such could be manufactured for a lot less money than its AC equivalent. The downside was that they were not particularly safe; at least in theory. Nowadays a set like this would be verboten as it would not pass stringent modern safety regulations. Is this because people aren't as clever as they used to be? Maybe so.

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