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Pye Model 18A



This set cost £19 19s in 1947

A similar pair but left Model 19D and right a T19D



Pye Model P75


I've got two of these which were made in 1953 and sold for nearly £18

Pye Model T60

 5 valve AC set

This old set has no model number marked on it. The inside paper label is missing but a label showing patents has a latest date of 1934

Pye Model P45RG


 This large object is an old radiogram. I don't know why I bought it because it takes too much room. However I suppose radiograms are going to get as scarce as hen's teeth because no-one wants them. As radiograms go this one is fairly compact. It has a record cupboard at each side of the speaker and as you can see has a drawer in which sits the record player.

Pye 15A

 I thought I might have one of these already but the Pyes around this date all look similar and in fact I haven't.

I got an adjustable pipe wrench, a Roberts R600 and this for a fiver.

The set is pretty tatty looking but apart from the rectifier which is lying in bits in the bottom of the case, is all there and should refurbish nicely.

Pye "Jewel Case Portable", P114BQ

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 At least I think it is as, other than the Pye logo in the centre of the speaker fret, it doesn't have it's name written anywhere on the set.

It has four B7G miniature valves and at first sight looks like a small version of a stainless steel kitchen sink from the 60s. According to my "Useful Information" section it dates from 1956.

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