KB Pup


 This is the earliest model of the Kolster-Brandes Pups. This one was introduced in 1930 whilst a similar looking model, with a slightly different cabinet, and just a little styling, was introduced a year later.

This model is decidely utilitarian in looks, has only two valves and uses a large moving-iron loudspeaker with a paper cone, adjustable for volume by the brass knob in the centre.

Basic in the extreme...The utiliarian look also applied to the interior.

Tuning and reaction controls are at the top and are fitted with simple 0-180 dials made from thin black bakelite.


 This is the KB logo on the rear panel

 Clearly the set was designed to be as cheap as possible. It's surprising it was fitted with a back panel. This slides upwards to reveal the space for the batteries and a label proclaiming that the set will only work with British Valves. Maybe this was a get-out when complaints were made about poor reception?

For £4:10:0d what did one expect in 1930? If you look elsewhere on this site you'll see a Lotus radio made around the same period. That cost nearly four times the Pup; although when you add the cost of a grid bias battery, an HT battery and a 2-volt accumulator to the cost of the Pup... and added costs of regular replacements and the cost of charging the accumulator, maybe the mains Lotus was a good bet? The components are probably mounted on the back of the chassis.. I hope so!

The set in the bakelite box is another KB offering...

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