Battery Eliminators, Chargers and Power Supplies

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Battery Eliminator, Ekco Model 1 

 Battery Charger, Ekco T500

 HT Power Supply, Philips 372

 Exide HT and LT charger AC64

 Battery Eliminator, Ekco No.2

 Vidor Model 366

 Battery Eliminator, Philips 1009

Home brew Power Supply

 Battery Eliminator, Ekco 3-F20

 Crypton Home Charger

 Battery Eliminator Philips 3005

 Hayberd battery charger

 Battery Eliminator, Ekco AC12

 HT Power Supply Type 234A

 HT PSU, Solartron #1

 HT PSU, Solartron #2

Battery Eliminator, Ekco DC15/25

 WS 19 Power Supply

 Battery Eliminator, Umello

 Battery Eliminator, Regentone

 Battery Eliminator, Ekco K25




 Kingshill S560B

Homebrew PSU-1

 Homebrew PSU-2


 Battery Eliminator, PetoScott

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