Miscellaneous sets

Philips Model B2G81U

 A small Philips receiver minus outer plastic dial and tuning knob bought from the local recycling centre for spare parts. Dave, the chap who runs the tip has put up prices and erected a rather grand shed over his most trewasured items for sale. This has by necessity put up prices so I won't be buying too much in future unless, like this set it is demonstrably not too desirable.

I did however pick up half a dozen "Brand New" Radio and Television Servicing volumes (Nos. 1 to 6) unopened and still wrapped in their original packaging for a couple of quid the other day.

Wartime Civilian Radio

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 The famous "Utility" wireless

Together with a battery version these receivers were made by dozens of British manufacturers after 1943 to a common specification. This example made by HMV is a mains version and carries the maker's identification number "U4". They use the odd IF of 462.5KHz.

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