Old Battery Receivers

 These sets were made by radio enthusiasts from readily available components.. exactly when I can't say.

In the late 20s and early 30s ready made sets were horrendously expensive. Because of massive inflation and the pitifully low value of the pound in the 21st century, it is hard to imagine the true cost of a simple manufactured wireless in those early days of broadcasting.

A new car could be bought for £100. A new radio, together with its batteries, loudspeaker and aerial was around £20.

A cheap modern car at £7,500 would make the equivalent price of a wireless a thumping £2,500.

It was therefore the only option for the typical family to save up, buy components and build their own set.

Even basic components were expensive. Because of harsh resale price maintenance and organised, legally enforced, retailing at inflated prices it was very difficult to afford the parts to make a radio set. Even Marconi had his pound of flesh. Besides the large rate of purchase tax, duty had to be paid to the Marconi Company for one's radio. This was calculated on the number of valves it used hence the popularity of crystal sets long after they were essentially obsolete. The BBC also claimed money through licenses in order to finance their Company. In the earliest days, sets were stamped with a label proving that money had been forwarded to the BBC by the manufacturer.

A new old set?

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 What looks like a home-built late 1920's or early 30's TRF radio..

Arrived on 8th April after a difficult 15 days with Parcelforce (see Grumble 33)

A battery-operated TRF receiver

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