New Old TRF Receiver

 This clean-looking set looks as if it might have been made just the other day and it's certainly been rewired; mainly with bare tinned copper, but all the components are authentic.

The front panel appears to be "Arborite" a fancy type of ebonite and the case is made of oak.

The brass screws look new and the set has the air it was made recently. Shall I whack with a bike chain and leave it out in the garden over the winter? That would transform it quickly into what would then appear to be the genuine article even if it wasn't already.
 Two valves are used , a Mullard PM2DX and a Mazda HL210. These are fitted into anti-microphonic 4-pin holders. The interstage transformer proclaims it was originally fitted in a Cossor Melody Maker. The tuning condenser is 0.0003uF Ormond and the reaction condenser a small air-spaced JB component. There's a Lissen RF choke, the same make of decoupling condenser and a cheap 2-waveband coilpack mounted on ebonite with an integral push-pull wavechange switch. A 5.6Mohm grid leak, micamould style condenser, a pair of ebonite terminal strips and a 4.5 volt modern bicycle lamp battery serving as a grid bias battery and push-pull on-off switch completes the round up of components.

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