More less-common radios

The oldest radio ever?

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 I bought this little oak-cased radio described as a "Victorian Radio" but I think it looks nearer 1930?

Although no-one else bid for it I saw it had four plug-in coils included and as these usually fetch more than I paid for the radio it seemed to be a bargain.

Halcyon portable

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 This is a wooden-cased portable dating from late 1928 to early 1929. This is evident from the details on the station tuning-aid card fitted to the inside of the lid. The wavelength of Daventry is given as 1562 metres. It only occupied that wavelength for a short time, moving to it on November 11th 1928. Previously, it was 1604.8 metres and by July 1929 it had moved to 1554.4 metres.


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 An odd looking radio with an odd sounding name, this 5-valve set was made in 1930 and was run from batteries. It looks more like a loudspeaker than a radio but is obviously the latter as it has two dials, one for tuning and the other for volume, mounted diagonally at the top of the front panel

Lissen Skyscraper

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