Miscellaneous Electrical equipment

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Academy Gramophone 


 Philips N4418 Tape Recorder

Marconiphone Model 140 Extn Speaker

BTH Horn Speaker

 Spiralarm Gas Detector

 Early Electric Fan

Mine Detector Type 4C


Capitol RS101A Record Player

 Sony CDP101 CD Player

 Early Car Radio

Needle Sharpener

Claritone Horn Loudspeaker, 1924



 S G Brown Horn Speaker

Ormond loudspeaker, 1929

Columbia Gramophone


 Hearing Tester

 A LARGE Celestion Speaker

Stentorian Junior Extn Speaker


Decca Gramophone


 Hair Restorer

 Variable High Voltage PSU

Tannoy Extension Speaker 

 Engraving set

 Old Dynamo

 Regentone Handygram

Valve amplifier


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