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Need your H3 watch serviced or repaired or fancy a new one?

Contact Graham Green via his website...

 Listen to American shows from the days of valve radio. Not so easy now because a legal battle is raging over copyright. It seems that even though material has been in the public domain for donkey's years websites offering to let you hear stuff free of charge are being closed down.

To hear Old Time Radio Broadcasts

I don't know how to download the files but at least I can record them as they play

Vintage Radio Circuit Diagrams

Paul Stenning who has produced a number of CDs carrying thousands of pages of data sheets for radios and valves

Murphy enthusiasts... look herefor pictures and circuits for every Murphy under the sun

A new website relating the history of Marconi. You need patience to view all the material unless you have a higher speed link than mine.

Log onto the Marconi site

For lots of nostalgic pictures and info about military radios see Martin, G4NCE's website

See G4NCE's collection

Early American Radio History

 This is a collection of fascinating articles from the pages of early American magazines and covers every aspect of radio and broadcasting from the other side of the Atlantic. Who was this Marconi chap then?... never heard of him! Patents!.. nothing to do with us.

Try "Part 2" for starters

Need a circuit diagram for that radio from across the Atlantic?

Vast number of on-line schematics and manuals for mainly US radios

Ex members of G3OUL, University of Liverpool Amateur Radio Society

check my other site....