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Kolster Brandes LR10, Estimate No. C498

 This 5-valve set had failed some time ago. The rectifier valve had been replaced by a semiconductor diode and the extra loading placed on the transformer had apparently seen off the mains transformer which had cooked.The other valves tested OK, giving better than 50% emission but the dial lamp had failed. As a suitable new transformer was unobtainable at a sensible cost I offered a modification comprising two 6 volt transformers wired back-to-back. One of these, rated at 50VA, would supply the valve heaters and the second, rated at 30VA, would be connected across the first's output and would derive about 240 volts for the HT line. With some minor component replacements and RF realignment the set would have worked normally however the quoted price of £69 resulted in a refusal.


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