Solartron SRS153.2 Power Supply

 This type of power unit is indispensible for testing ex-military valved equipments. I also use it for testing other items needing a high voltage such as the odd high relay having a high voltage coil. Although rated at 350V/100mA the meter shows up to 600V and 150mA but up to these levels the regulation and will be unreliable.

As you can see it also delivers 6.3 volts for powering typical valves. I also have a Type 123 power supply which was designed specifically for the RAF receivers R1132 and R1392.

 The design employs 3 rectifiers, type R18 and a pair of beam tetrodes, type 5B254M. The manufacturer specified 0-350V at 100mA, 0-400V at 50mA and 0-500V at 0mA with 150mV ripple between 10 and 100mA output. The HT rail is isolated from the chassis so either terminal can be connected to ground if required.


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