The HRO SSB Transceiver

 This is something very rare, in fact I am quite confident that nothing similar exists.

Built into the case of a standard wartime vintage HRO is an SSB transceiver for the 20, 40 and 80 meter amateur bands.


 It was constructed by the late G3AQY around 1960 and used by G3SGL (his daughter and now my XYL) to communicate from her flat in Liverpool to her home in North Thoresby, Lincolnshire whilst at College in Liverpool studying for her BA.

The rig connected to an external linear amplifier using an 811 power amplifier and was used with a long wire over the roof of her flat on the fourth floor of a house, which still stands at the end of Princes Road, not more than a stones throw from the old Rialto cinema where the Toxteth riots began...

Was this connected with TVI I wonder?

The rig fairly bristles with valves. At the last count I found 20 mounted at all angles and in every inch of the chassis. Mostly they are B9A and B7G but I found some octal types as well.

If you look closely you'll see some original HRO parts. The dial and tuning condenser, several knobs, the S-meter, 7MHz coil pack and one of the original metal valves. Maybe there's an original IF can with its coil and many sundry bits still there also?







 Now for the valves hidden away. These two are under the chassis adjacent to the tuning gang.


 Another two, this time under the PA compartment.


 And this one is mounted sideways on the PA compartment screen. I re-counted and found a total of 20 valves, all bar a regulator and a 12SH7 are either B9A or B7G. The PA appears to be three 5763 beam tetrodes rated at around 8 watts RMS output each.


 Here's the matching power supply fitted with a long power lead so it can be located away from prying fingers. I guess the meter deflection will be a lot greater than 10mA because the three 5763s alone will draw more than 120mA?

 to be continued...

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