This is a page of HMV sets

 These sets all have the picture of the dog listening to an old horn loudspeaker on the top.

HMV stands for "His Master's Voice" but the manufacturer's real name was "The Gramophone Company"

 Pre-war HMV Model 491


  I think this set was made about 1937. Since taking its photo I found the missing knob! This set is one of a number which turned up at auction in Christchurch having been unearthed in the back room of an old cycle shop in Bournemouth. Before the war it was not uncommon to have your wireless accumulators recharged at the local bike shop. Presumably this chap never got round to fixing the sets that turned up for auction 40 odd years after they went wrong. Fixing sets was probably a lot harder than charging batteries!

 HMV Model 1117


 Retrieved from local "Recycling Centre"

Made in 1948 it wasn't cheap retailing for over £30

 Pre-war HMV Model 653


 Made in 1938 using 5 octal type valves this set cost about £11

 An HMV Model 1122

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 I think a couple of old bikes must have fallen on it between being consigned to a skip at out local tip and rescued by a neighbour.

 HMV Model 1113 from 1942

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