Less common old radios

Osram Music Magnet "3", 1928 3-valve battery set

Another Osram Music Magnet 3 from 1928

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Old crystal set

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 This little receiver probably gave hours of pleasure to it's owner more than 80 years ago.

For some reason if a set has a maker's label it can fetch anything up to £200 or more but if it's home-made then it attracts little interest. This one attracted little interest so is it home-made or was it a commercially built set? Physically there's virtually no difference except a maker's name which may be nailed on the side or engraved on the ebonite panel. Now where's that engraving machine I bought for a couple of quid........

GecoPhone BC1001, 1923 Crystal Set

GecoPhone Osram "4" Music Magnet, 1929, 4 valve battery set

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A Burndept suitcase receiver from 1930

 This set uses 4 valves, an RF stage, 2 LF amplifiers and an output stage driving a balanced armature loudspeaker and was the latest accessory for the with-it 1930 family on a picnic.

Battery cover is missing, probably because it was quite a useful piece of wood-finished ebonite.

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