G3OUL, the earliest days!

 Below are various pictures to stir the memories....

Thanks to Keith, G3NNW, the young chap with the "Michael Cain" glasses, all the rage in 1960, pictured below, at the Freshers' Conference in 1961, for the picture archive!

Visit to Amateur Radio Exhibition in London, outside the Royal Horticultural Hall, November 1960.


 Above...from the Caernarvon registration of the van I believe it belonged to GW3ODI's father?

Below, a picture received from Alan Melia G3NYK in April 2018.. after the Amateur Radio Exhibition tea at Euston Station café, here are, left to right: Alan G3NYK, then Richard Feeman.. Bob thinks, then someone whose name escape me for the moment, then Bob Titterington G3ORY, Dave Yates G3PGQ, Dave Beaumont, and Keith Taylor G3NNW; Alan thinks Graham Partington GW3ODI took the picture...


 Below: Hampstead Heath, early am before departing back to Liverpool from London

 I remember it well. Dave Kitson (standing on the right) was driving and for some reason a police motorcyclist stopped us. I think we were moving really slowly puzzling over a map to find our intended place of overnight stay. "What's the problem", he said. Dave thinking very rapidly replied in broken English with a strong French accent said we were looking for "Amstead Eath". The policeman thought for a moment then said... Follow me.. and led us there, where we parked up till morning.



 Above: ad hoc G3OUL meeting. I think this might have been in the metallurgy department?

 Below: Three pictures from the Freshers' Conference 1961. G3OUL in the Students' Union entrance hall attempting to recruit new members. We used to borrow equipment from manufacturers.

There's a nice Eddystone receiver with a small KW transmitter. On the left is the club receiver, an AR77 and perched on the transmitter a G3PIY ATU for tuning our long wire which stretched across the road to the Maths Department.


 Keith Taylor, G3NNW


 Dave Kitson


 Eric Brindley, G3PAC


 Rogues' Gallery... see below for up-to-date pictures (please send me a recent photo)



Eric Brindley, G3PAC

Now in the USA.. click picture


Frank Hines click to see a Moonbounce experiment

Now in the USA


Kevin Erents, G3SSW/T, G8AGY

Retired from Harwell

 Richard Butterfield, G8AGG, G3VYB)

Was "Microwave Modules"


Dave Beaumont


Dave Yates, G3PGQ

Retired from the Beeb and now lives in Norfolk.


Keith Taylor, G3NNW


and myself Allan Isaacs, G3PIY


 And here are some of the founder members of G3OUL now in 2015-2018

Here's Frank Hines


 Here's Eric Brindley


Here's Bob Titterington



 I'm missing quite a few pictures.. GW3ODI and others

I have e-mail addresses for, Richard Butterfield, Dave Yates (now in Norfolk), Frank Hines, Eric Brindley and Keith Taylor

Can anyone identify the other lads shown above now all septuagenarians? Alas Kevin Erents is no more. He worked on nuclear fusion at Harwell until he retired but I suspect got too near something nasty that resulted in his early demise.
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