McMichael Model FM55, S/No 32043

Repair G307

 I carried out the following work: -

Fitted a new 0.068uF high voltage capacitor between the audio amplifier and output valves.
Disconnected the IF coil shorting links from the burnt rear wave-change switch wafer.
Glued the side panel of the case back into position
Cleaned the tuning reflector
Lubricated the tuning mechanism.
Re-fixed the broken part of the volume control knob and the cleaned the other knobs.
Realigned the 470KHz IF strip
Realigned the 10.7MHz IF strip
Realigned the FM module
Realigned the Long and Medium waves.
Air tested the set. Medium and long waves benefit from an external aerial and if you get serious interference from TV sets an earth connection may help. The internal ferrite rod aerial is rotatable through about 90 degrees. This is so the set can be positioned for best FM reception then the ferrite rod is rotated to best reception of your favourite long or medium wave stations. Medium wave reception for other than local stations is best after dark.
Quality of FM reception depends on orientation of the built-in aerial and if signal strength is poor an external aerial would be an advantage.

The performance is slightly reduced from original as valve emission is down and I had to remove part of the wiring from the burnt switch, which has slightly degraded the output on medium and long waves. Because of the age of the components and the stress from the high voltages in the set there is always the chance of something failing in use. Valves have an average life of something like 10,000 hours.

The mains lead is in good condition although it is colour-coded red/black/green as fitted in 1955.
Note that Red is live, Black, neutral and Green, Earth.
The mains plug wiring is satisfactory and the style of plug is up-to-date.


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