Ever Ready Battery Table Model

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 The Ever Ready Company reverted to producing only battery radios after WWII. The market for table models must have been fairly limited but a solid market before the advent of transistor sets for homes where mains electricity either wasn't available or where a local generator was used, for example in the Highlands of Scotland. I remember staying at a bed and breakfast near Ullapool and being told that when the last light was switched off the generator would stop. I waited for ages that night to test this and sure enough as I turned off the bedside light the generator put-putting stopped and all was silent.

This radio was made in 1939 and has an attractive bakelite case which measures only about 12 inches square and 8 inches deep so would double as a picnic set. It does not use an accumulator so would have cost the owner a tidy sum in batteries over its working life.

The perspex cover over the dial has become clouded with age and needs replacing and because of the problem of finding a suitable battery I'll need to make a mains eliminator.
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