Electrical Odds and ends, 1920 to 1965


Federal Electric Engraver


 An old engraver complete with tool, original cables and brass working plate, I picked up at the Ringwood street auction. It looks about 1920 or slightly earlier and it works.

The equipment was made by Federal Products Corporation Providence, Rhode Island in the USA. This company which was founded in 1918 operates from 1144 Eddy St, Providence, RI 02905

A search reveals it's an Esterline Company and the R.I. address lists Mahr Federal Inc owned by Mahr GmbH of Germany who "merged" with the Rhode Island company in 1999.


WWI Army Morse Key

 The object below is a morse key which I've had for some time. Its made of brass on an ebonite base and I fixed it to a heavy iron baseplate for stability as I used to operate it via amateur radio. Somewhere I've got a circular ebonite plate which fits under the knob but other than that I think its complete and as used in the trenches in WW1.

WWII RAF Morse Key

A "bug" key made by Eddystone

 This type of morse key automatically generates dots using a mechanical vibrating arrangement that can be adjusted for one's particular preferences.

Operation is completely different to a normal straight key, but surprisingly easy to master.

Left pressure sends a dash and right pressure on the paddle sends dots for as long as it is held over (at least up to about a dozen depending on how quickly the paddle is pushed over).

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