Customers Repairs: Decca Radios

Decca PR209 "Mardi Gras", S/No 11046, Repair No 696

 Made in 1973 this radio worked well on VHF but not at all on Long, Medium or either of its two Short-wave bands. Realignment restored opertion on Long and Medium but the problem on Short Waves was only found after I noticed the top of the push switches these was higher than the others when operated. After removing the bank of switches I found it to be damaged allowing the contacts to move beyond their operting position. After bending and reassembly the switches worked properly. I don't suppose anyone will ever hear the restored results on Short Waves! ......My ex-neighbour who recently, on my advice, bought a Shortwave receiver to get the BBC from his new home in Portugal had never heard short wave broadcasts before and he must be pushing 80!


Decca CR1000, Repair No 943

Nothing worse than a broken battery wire and a squirt of switch cleaner to the volume control.


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