This is a page of Cossor sets awaiting restoration

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Cossor 487AC

 Made in 1947 served as source of "music while you work" at Electronics Lincs TV repair workshop, in North Thoresby until the mid-60's. Sadly this set was devoured by woodworm before getting treated.

Cossor Model 463AC

 Made in 1946 and sold for about £17 to £18

Cossor Model 3764

 This set covers long, medium and short wavebands and was made in 1936 or 37. I removed its chassis with a view to restoring it several years ago and got as far as trying unsuccessfully to align it. the short waveband just wouldn't fit the dial markings. I don't have much information on it other than its intermediate frequency of 465kHz and its original valve complement viz. MVS Pen, 41STH, MVS Pen, DDT, 42MP and 442BU. I haven't checked to see if they have been replaced with the wrong types in the front end but this would explain the problem with the SW padding as the stray capacitances would be different. The dial appears to be hand-drawn and may conceivably be wrongly calibrated. Sadly this set caught a ravenous woodworm from the model 487AC.

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