Cold War RAF and MoD Equipment

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 RF Amplifier Type A8281

  AEG Telefunken radar display

 T4188 Aircraft Transmitter

 R4187 Aircraft Receiver

 Amplifier Type A401/3

 Control Box

 Mine Detector MD4C

 R4187 Control Unit

 Decca Radar Equipment

 Collins Control Box

 RF24B Receiver

 TR1985 Transceiver

 Flight Director Type ZL2

 PTR175 modules

 RF25B Receiver

 TR2002 Transceiver

 WW2 Low Pass Filter

R216 Receiver

  Bug Sweepers

 MN26-C Radio Compass

 BC788 Radio Altimeter

 Wireless Set No.31 AFV

TS184-AP IFF Set 

 Wireless Set No.88

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