This is a page of Bush sets

Bush Model SAC21

 This old set dates from 1935 and is one of the earliest superhets, using an intermediate frequency of only 123kHz in order to get decent gain from its single IF amplifier valve

Bush Model PB22

A push-button set made in 1950 and sold for between £28 and £29

Bush Model TR82B

Made in 1959 and sold for around £21. You can get brand new ones like this now.

Bush Model VHF81

Made in 1964 and sold for just under £27. VHF coverage 88-102MHz.

Bush Model VHF90

Made in 1956 and sold for a little under £20. VHF coverage 88-100MHz.

VHF90(A) & DAC90


 On the left a Bush VHF90A or should it be VHF90 eh? and on the right its twin a DAC70

It looks nothing like the VHF90!

 Another VHF90A (VHF-only receiver) in a bakelite case bought for £8 as it seemed complete and in good condition.

Bush Model AC34

Made in 1953 and originally sold for a little over £23

Bush TR91

This is a nice portable but first impressions; rather heavy even without its batteries.


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