This page has several Ever Ready sets I've accumulated

Ever Ready Model 5020 awaiting restoration


 This type of set used an HT battery, a grid bias battery and a 2-volt accumulator. This particular range of sets were commissioned by the Ever Ready Battery factory, designed by Pye and assembled by Ever Ready Radio (this example in 1935) because someone there had the brilliant idea that if more battery radios were built then more Ever Ready batteries would be sold. Two problems surfaced....Ever Ready forgot their prime objective and started building mains powered sets and foreign batteries arrived on the scene and got used instead. The Company stopped making radios shortly afterwards and concentrated on making batteries. This set was acquired for me by my friend George in Horncastle.

Ever Ready "Model C"


 A very interesting model encased in transparent plastic in the days when this material was not too common. It looks like perspex (or methyl methacrylate) which was used extensively during WWII for aircraft windows. It uses octal valves and was probably made in 1947.

Ever Ready"Sky King"

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 This set dates from 1956 and uses all-glass B7G-based valves. Neither this set or the earlier model above has dial markings for anything other than British stations, except one from Ireland.

All dry Battery Portable 5214

Quite a rare valve set from about 1940

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