This page has pictures of Roberts Radios I've collected

 A Roberts R300 currently undergoing restoration

 A Roberts R600


A Roberts RIC2 bought for £7 in an attractive shade of yellow


An R404 bought for £7.50


Another RIC2 in black for £2

Most of these RIC2 sets suffer from broken-off knobs because of weak plastic shafts on the volume and tone controls.


A pint-sized Roberts "Rambler" from 1975


And it's big brother an R800


And another RIC, but in red.


Another R600


And another R600, converted to mains operation via an external plug-in PSU


Another R800, in red


Another R404

 And here's yet another R600,

probably the most popular model in Robert' range of portables donated in 2020 by Rachel


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